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IN-IS _ Lake
  Obscured  "..the light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood it.."
  Anna Rose Carter & Alex Kozobolis _ To Move   THIS PROJECT IS COMPLETELY NON-COMMERCIAL, WE ARE IN NO WAY ATTEMPTING TO PASS OFF THE VISUAL MATERIAL AS OUR OWN, RATHER WE SET OUT TO FIND SOME COMMON THREAD IN THE HUMAN RESPONSE TO RHYTHM ACROSS CULTURES AND TIME - A RESPONSE TO OUR INATE AND UNIVERSAL NEED 'TO MOVE'    ______________________________________________________   Anna Rose Carter and Alex Kozobolis (shared piano, improvised)   Footage compiled by Anna Rose Carter and Alex Kozobolis Edited by Alex Kozobolis Processed by  Dan Tombs   footage was collected from across the online realm -  a playlist of some of the original clips we found can be streamed   here
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